VII Southamerican Birdfair in Puerto Varas, Chile, 2017

Aves Argentinas, a century in South America

Our Birdfair rotates to different countries each year. In 2016 it returned to Argentina. Choosing Argentina had a reason ... NGO "Aves Argentinas" celebrates its 100th birthday! A century working to connect humans with nature. Aves Argentinas, in its centennary year, will have a leading role as the first NGO of our continent.

The South American Birdfair 2015 was held in Paraty, Brazil. After the Fair 2016 held in Buenos Aires, in 2017 it will be hosted by Puerto Varas, Chile.

VII Southamerican Birdfair in Puerto Varas, Chile, 2017

Pictures of the South American Bird Fair 2015 in Brazil

Some pictures of the V South American Birdfair, september 2015, in Paraty, Brazil

Tim Appleton in the Fair

Tim Appleton at the 2012 South American Bird Fair
This year we are highly honoured to receive coming from the UK, one of the world’s main leaders in birdwatching who will give a conference entitled:
“History of the UK BirdFair and its impact on global conservation”.
He has been president of the most important bird Fair in the world which takes place near leicester, in England. Don’t miss the chance of getting to know him!

Ya pueden verse las fotos del III Concurso de Fotografía!

Como en años anteriores este concurso es un espacio que permite a profesionales y aficionados de la fotografía presentar sus obras mostrando ejemplares de distintas especies de aves de nuestro continente.
Las fotos de este año ya han sido presentadas y las podes ver en

Tim Appleton en la Feria de Sudamérica!

Este año la feria contará con la presencia de destacadas personalidades de nuestro país y del mundo. Es así que el líder mundial en la observación de aves llegará a nuestra feria desde el Reino Unido y nos brindará una excelente conferencia. Tim Appleton, el principal impulsor del birdwatching, preside desde hace mas de 20 años la Feria de aves mas importante del mundo, la British Bird Fair. No te pierdas la oportunidad de conocerlo!

Entry to the "Birds and Education” Symposium is Open

Due to the great success of 2011 we are including once again the Education Symposium this year. We shared excellent teaching experiences related to learning about birds and their environment with exhibitors from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador. At the time an interesting network of ideas and connections was created among the Symposium’s presenters and participants that eventually led to the adoption of many of these programmes in various parts of South America.

Are you there?

We are proud to say that was the South AmericanBird Fair of 2011 was a really successful one.
There were 250 participants from 12 countries and 1000 visitors to the fair enhanced the various lectures, talks and workshops.Children and young people shared the event with great interest.Art had a prominent place in the exhibitions displayed.
There were interesting prizes for the winners in the photo contest, professional as well as amateurs. The Fair was a good meeting point for people from all over who in the end, went back home with new friends or renewing old acquantances.

Volamos a Brasil. Fuimos a la Avistar

Invitados por Avistar, en San Pablo Brasil, fue Horacio Matarasso a presentar la Feria de Aves de Sudamérica 2011 y asistió a la presentación de la "Guia de Aves de Brasil" cuya autora es Marta Argel, quien participará en San Martín de los Andes de nuestro evento.
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Our Birdfair rotates to different countries each year. In 2016 it returned to Argentina. Choosing Argentina had a reason ... NGO "Aves Argentinas" celebrates its 100th...

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